Unique Value

A family’s long term security is minimally impacted by the daily moves in the stock market, or portfolio returns over a short timeframe. Much more critical factors are the impact of annual portfolio spending, risk management, income taxes, estate taxes, and the long-term investment strategy. Warden Wealth Management helps clients by focusing on the big picture and the critical factors that have the biggest impact on their long term financial success.

You will see a significant difference working with us.


Focus on the human and interpersonal elements of wealth management

  • Listen to our clients to truly understand what is important to them.
  • Provide advice and insight regarding the human and personal issues and concerns that arise in wealth and estate planning.

High Level of Client Loyalty

  • Nearly 100% client retention rate
  • All new relationships are through existing client recommendations

Team Approach

  • Proactively work with your tax, legal and other experts to help ensure all the pieces of your planning work together.
  • Bring you the expert insight, resources and knowledge of various sources when needed

Unbiased and Objective

  • Able to work with almost every investment imaginable to bring you the best and most appropriate ideas
  • Not just selling proprietary products or “in-house” investment products


  • Comfort of having a trusted advisor to work with you and your loved ones for the long term.
  • Know that your spouse, children and grandchildren will work with someone you trust.

Our clients appreciate that we often advise and consult with more than one generation of their family. This multi-generational approach helps ensure the children understand the concerns and wishes of the parents, and helps establish that when the time comes for a child to make financial decisions, to serve as a trustee, or executor, that the desires of the parents are already known and understood.